If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

— Henry David Thoreau

Evolution Partners

The American Dream is alive and well – but it’s no longer found in corporate America. The backbone of this country has always been the business owners.

These are:

  • People with dreams and desires to support their families and serve their communities.
  • People who know that the fate of their destinies is better kept in their own hands.
  • People who utilize their skills, education and drive to control their careers and find financial freedom.

Navigating the many avenues of business ownership is a daunting task. Evolution Partners is here to help, offering expert guidance in identifying the right business “match” based on each client’s unique profile followed by on-going support through the journey of discovery.

Making the right decision is important. To you, to your family.

And, to us!

There is never a fee or obligation associated with our service!

Sue Ann Culp

Career Transition Specialist

Sue Ann began her career in radio, as a talk show host and advertising specialist. She crafted many successful campaigns for businesses covering a wide variety of industries. During this time, she was recruited to be the spokesperson for Special Olympics in North Carolina. This experience ignited her love for non-profit organizations. Over the next twenty-five years she served as CEO, Executive Director and Director of Development, raising millions of dollars for many non profit missions throughout the United State.

A constant throughout her career has been her deep commitment to helping people and organizations realize their dreams. As a Certified Franchise Consultant and member of The International Franchise Professionals Group, Sue Ann has helped many professionals achieve the goal of business ownership, using her knowledge and far-reaching connections to businesses in a vast range of industries.

Sue Ann believes that building a successful, recession-proof business starts with the right fit. And finding that fit is the most critical part of the process. She is passionate about helping other executives find their path to career stability and financial freedom.

She is also a published author, playwright and fabric artist. She resides in Michigan where she is active in regional community theatres, serving as director of music, performer and costumer.

Michael T. Culp

Career Transition Specialist

Michael T. Culp is a licensed attorney, practicing in Michigan and New York for over 20 years. He has assisted numerous clients in starting and expanding their businesses and has a thorough understanding of contract law and best businesses practices. Michael has a deep commitment to helping people be successful and added Career Transition Specialist/Certified Franchise Consultant to his services in 2016. He affiliated with Evolution Partners LLC and the International Franchise Consulting Group in 2018.

Michael believes that business success is based not just on the talent, skills and commitment of the owner – but that the business itself must be the right fit. Using Evolution Partners’ methodical match-making process and extensive research process, Michael is able to match prospective new owners to the appropriate business that match their parameters and facilitate their path to business ownership.

Michael is also very involved in his community, primarily in both professional and amateur theater. He has been involved in all aspects of theater production, participating in over 100 productions.